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#14. Week of 11-17. Beatles haircuts are a problem. Pearl Jam fight in New Orleans. A 19 year old saves the Who. Aerosmith on the Simpsons. Eagles party gets out of hand. Ozzy stops intruders.

Eddie Vedder gets into a fight in the French Quarter. Beatles haircuts are a problem. Keith Moon passes out during a concert and a lucky 19 year old steps in. Aerosmith appear on the Simpsons. Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones gets a divorce from his much younger wife. Don Henley of the Eagles throws a party that gets him in trouble.  Ozzy Osbourne stops an intruder while naked.  Its a wild one this episode! Listen, like and subscribe.   Read the rest of this entry »

#13. Week of 11-10. Bono bikes badly. Neil Young is 74. Rod Stewart ruins sex. The Doors get a record deal. Hating on Nickelback. Ronnie Wood stops traffic with his legs. Nevermind the Sex Pistols.

Bono crashes his bike. Neil Young turns 74. Rod Stewart ruins sex with a soccer ball!  Rockstars don't do well on airplanes. The Door get a record deal. Why does everyone hate Nickelback? Elton John and John Lennon make a deal. Ronnie Wood breaks both legs.  That an much more in this weeks episode!  Read the rest of this entry »

#12. Week of 11-3. Billy Joel is a Piano Man that loves and uptown girl. Pearl Jam vs. VS. Aerosmith sneak booze into their first gig. Bruce Springsteen cooks dinner. Led Zeppelin IV.

Pearl Jam have trouble with their second album.  Aerosmith play a high school gym and there are problems.  Billy Joel gets supermodels. Led Zeppelin IV is a classic. Bachman Turner Overdrive stutter their way to success.  That and more in this weeks podcast.   Read the rest of this entry »

#11. Week of 10-27. Queen and Bowie are under pressure. Nirvana unplugs. Kiss meets the Phantom. Jim Morrison exposes his lizard. Duane Allman dies. A cure for the common earworm. U2 Rattle & Hum.

This week we celebrate Scott Weiland's birthday, Bruce Springsteen is on two covers at the same time, Jim Morrison hates Miami, Elvis shakes his hips and Nirvana unplugs.  That and a whole lot more in this weeks episode!  Read the rest of this entry »

#10. Week of 10-20. Green Day shoot the moon. Tom Petty meets Elvis. Kid Rock Fights! Pearl Jam play their first gig.

John Lennon's piano is bought by George Michael.  Tom Petty meets Elvis and is inspired to be a musician.  Kid Rock gets into a fight in a Waffle House. John Fogerty is sued for stealing from John Fogerty.  That and much more in this weeks podcast.   Read the rest of this entry »

#9. Week of 10-13. Guns N Roses implode. Slowhand has a lead foot. Dylan gets a prize. Frank Sinatra and the Mob. Ed Sullivan’s rules. Elvis kicks ass.

Guns N Roses implode on stage. Eric Clapton drives 134mph!  Muse sue Celine Dion. Bob Dylan gets the Nobel prize. Frank Sinatra’s Mob buddies irk the FBI. Elvis kicks ass at a gas station. Ed Sullivan's TV show had it share of difficulties. How much do you spend on Music?  We’ll find out as we look back in music history for the week of October 13th.  Be sure to like and subscribe!  Thank you for listening! Read the rest of this entry »

#8. Week of 10-7. Black Sabbath get Paranoid. Nirvana get In Utero. Prince gets Boo’d. ZZ Top go to Moon. Sting Sucks. The Doors play a High School.

Black Sabbath release a classic. Nirvana has to follow up Nevermind. Prince opens for the Rolling Stones and it doesn't go well.  ZZ Top want to ride a space ship.  The Doors play a High School! Aerosmith hate Philly.  Alanis Morissette releases a classic.  A record player in a car?  Find out that and much more in this weeks podcast.  Read the rest of this entry »

#7. Week of 9-30. AC/DC and Hoover Vacuums. Aerosmith bail out their fans. Janis Joplin joins the 27 club. Sinead O’Connor tears up the Pope. Tom Petty dies. Van Halen go Extreme.

Aerosmith fight the police and end up bailing out their fans at a concert.  Brian Johnson of AC/DC celebrates a birthday and he once sang for a Hoover Vacuum cleaner commercial.  Janis Joplin dies and then goes to number 1. Sinead O'Conner has a very memorable performance on Saturday Night Live and Van Halen get a new singer named Gary.  That and much more in this weeks episode.   Read the rest of this entry »

#6. Week of 9-23. Nirvana, Soundgarden and the Red Hot Chili Peppers release classics on the same day! John Bonham is dead at 32. Van Halen’s M&M’s. Black Sabbath say “No”. Metallica tragedy.

Great stories this week!  3 classic albums are released on the same day.  John Bonham is dead at 32. Van Halen starts a trend that gets out of control. Bruce Springsteen is 70! Cliff Burton of Metallica is killed. James Brown goes to jail.  That and much more!  Listen and subscribe for FREE! Read the rest of this entry »

#5 Week of 9-16. The Doors get banned. Grunge hits the big screen. Jimi Hendrix joins the 27 club. Twisted Sister meets the Senate. REM are quitters. Dave Matthews releases a classic.

The Doors get banned from Ed Sullivan. The Seattle based movie Singles is released. Jimi Hendrix is dead at 27. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister testifies at a Senate hearing. KISS release solo albums at the same time. Pearl Jam release VS. Light my fire and guitars on fire.  The Who vs Hendrix and a coin flip.  Couple of cuss words.  

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